is my place to share all of the things I like to make in my not-so-spare time. Whether it’s baking a birthday cake, sewing a baby blanket or creating a craft project for my kids, it’s my way of expressing my creativity. And I hope to include and share other people’s creative inspiration on this site too. Think of as one of my “homemade” projects. Like most creative projects, it’s a journey and one that I’m excited to take! Join the ride.

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  1. Dorin,

    I stumbled across this while surfing the web. It’s a great site – and your creations are absolutely unbelievable.

    I was sorry to read your story about Duke. He was a great friend/dog. We too share many happy memories about him.

    We hope everything is great in your world and would love to see your family again. I’m sure everyone has grown so much by now.

    Jaret and Melanie

  2. Thanks for your comments! It’s been a long time since I last posted here, but I’ve got some good ones coming up…We should get together soon.
    Maybe a weekend excursion to Big Cedar Point is in order.

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